In order to provide you with the best possible service, we often need your contact details and any other relevant information. As a company, we attach great importance to the correct processing of this data and act in accordance with European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data ("GDPR" or "AVG"). We would like to provide you with more information about this in this privacy statement.

Who is responsible for the processing and protection of your data?

1) Data controllers:

The companies of the Van Marcke group, i.e:
- Van Marcke N.V., with registered office at Overzet 14 9000 Ghent, and company number 0443.336.223
- Labonorm N.V., with registered office at Lijnwaadstraat 37 8500 Kortrijk, and company number 0425.288.481
- Intersan N.V., with registered office at Ommegangstraat 51 9770 Kruishoutem, and company number 0416.686.066
- Knohopack NV, with registered office at 45A 8501 Kortrijk-Heule, Bissegemsestraat, and company number 0400.845.570
- Van Marcke Service N.V., with registered office at Weggevoerdenlaan 5 8500 Kortrijk, and company number 0458.369.441
- Van Marcke Distribution N.V., with registered office at Weggevoerdenlaan 5 8500 Kortrijk, and company number 0418.765.925
- Van Marcke EDC, with registered office at Weggevoerdenlaan 5 8500 Kortrijk, and company number 0668.422.050.
- Van Marcke Sanitaire et Chauffage SAS, with registered office at ZI Pilaterie Rue du Houblon 10, 59700 Marcq en Baroeul, Frankrijk, Siren: 344 745 781.
- La société Anonyme Comptoir des Fers et Métaux, with registered office at Rue Guillaume Kroll L-1882 Luxembourg, RCS : B71025.
The personal data requested by one of the companies of the group may be handed over to another company of the group, provided that this is done within the set purpose.

2) Responsible persons for protection.

Within the above mentioned companies, every employee is aware of the importance of the protection and careful handling of your personal data, under the supervision of an interdisciplinary group of responsible persons. For questions and/or comments, you can always contact us at the following e-mail address:

Why do we request personal data?

When we request personal data, this is always for a specific reason, a specific objective. We only use the data for this reason and not for other reasons about which you have not been informed and/or for which you have not given your consent. The reasons for which we request the information depends in the first instance on whether or not we have a contractual relationship with you:
1) There is a contractual and/or commercial relationship with you or we are in discussion to enter into a relationship (customers, prospects, suppliers, partners). We ask for your data for the following reasons:
o Correct execution of our contract: following up on your order, delivery of your order, following up on a possible maintenance contract and planned maintenance visits or other interventions, format invoicing, follow-up payment, datapool information needed for the execution of a purchase agreement with our suppliers, etc.
o Maintaining our commercial relationship by, for example, keeping you informed of new developments or general information with regard to the product range / services / facilities (e.g. recall campaigns, announcements of closures or relocations, planned works, amended manuals, birthday wishes...)
o Customer support: follow-up of any complaints about products / services (including history)
o In the event that we grant you a commercial guarantee / guarantee on (one of) our products, for the management of this guarantee
o Conducting satisfaction surveys to improve our services
o Targeted promotions or information campaigns related to existing products/services or new products/services that are in line with the products/services you have previously purchased from us and which we may suspect may be of interest to you. You can always oppose this form of communication
o Invitations to events, fairs or similar activities, as a result of which we also maintain lists of participants for the proper organization of these activities. You can always oppose this form of communication.

2) There is no contractual relationship with you, but you show interest in our products / services:
o If you wish to make an appointment in one of our showrooms: for follow-up of this appointment
o If you have a question, by telephone or via the website: to allow us to answer this question
o If you use our applications to make plans: to allow us to follow up your project further with you.
o Sending newsletters, only after you have registered for them yourself. We always foresee the possibility to unsubscribe.
o Sending promotions relating to existing products and services or new products and services, only after you have given your permission to do so. This consent may be withdrawn at any time.

What personal data do we ask for / process?

o Name and contact details: first and last name, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, professional activity, shipyard address and/or delivery address (if applicable), identity details and/or photograph.
o Bank account number (only in the context of a contractual relationship)
o Demographic data (age, gender, country and preferred language), only as far as relevant to the objective (e.g. for the proper maintenance of our commercial relationship, targeted invitations to events).
o Interests, only insofar as relevant to the objective (e.g. for the proper maintenance of our commercial relationship, targeted invitations to events).
o Solvability data (such as: outstanding credits, annual accounts, social and fiscal certificates, etc.), only to the extent that any form of postponement of payment/credit is requested or required.
o Data relating to your purchases and/or presence in the Technics stores (by means of the access badge).
o Details of interventions made, intervention reports,
o Information when visiting our websites about which detailed information can be found in our cookie policy.
o Login moments and visited URLs on the WIFI networks of Van Marcke with the aim of preventing illegal actions from being carried out via our network.
Van Marcke shall not process sensitive data as referred to in Article 9 of the General Data Protection Act. If this should happen exceptionally, for specific reasons, you will be explicitly informed and your consent will always be requested.

On what legal basis do we collect and use your data?

1) Necessary for the execution of our agreement:

We collect and use a great deal of data to correctly execute the agreement with you (managing your order, delivery, invoicing, complaint handling, etc...). These are therefore data that we need in order to be able to implement the agreement. And the provision of which is a condition of the conclusion of the contract.

2) With your explicit consent, which can be revoked at any time:

- Sending newsletters;
- sending commercial information other than that covered by the 'legitimate interest';
- automated processing of your personal data by means of profiling (how and logic)

3) Our legitimate interest as a company:

Within the framework of an existing commercial relationship, we use your data to allow us to maximize our sales. This includes sending targeted promotions, inviting events, and conducting satisfaction surveys. We always bear in mind that our interests must be balanced with your interests and always provide for the possibility of an opt-out.

What are your rights with regard to your data?

You are always entitled to it:
o Request access to, correction or deletion of your data
o Requesting a restriction on processing
o Objection to the processing
o Request the transfer of your data.
If we process your data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw the consent at any time.
If you believe that we are not treating your data correctly, you can of course always contact us, and / or complain to a supervisory authority.
The above rights can be exercised by:
can be mailed to:
We assure you that we will respond to your request within 5 working days after contacting us.

How long do we keep track of your data?

We keep your data up to date for as long as is necessary for the purpose. The most important criteria on the basis of which the duration is determined, is therefore how long the personal data are needed to deliver the products/services and how long these are needed for our business operations.

Data protection and data security.

Van Marcke handles the personal data it processes and/or for which it is responsible with the utmost care. Consequently, it takes all the technical and organisational measures necessary to ensure protection. When the intention is to implement new IT architecture and/or business processes, a thorough impact analysis of the announced measures will be carried out. If this should prove that the risk to the data is too great, Van Marcke will not proceed with implementation or take the necessary security measures.
If Van Marcke subcontracts the processing to service providers, it undertakes to conclude adequate and comprehensive processing agreements so that it can guarantee protection.